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We are an International PvE/PvP clan. Mostly PvE for now
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New Clan Contest going on now July 10th to July 31st!!!!!!


 July 10th - July 31st

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July 10th - July 31st Empty
PostSubject: July 10th - July 31st   July 10th - July 31st Icon_minitimeSun Jul 09, 2017 7:29 pm


This contest will run from July 10th to July 31st.
The Player that gives the most rep to the clan will get 100 mil adena and a freya necklace (donated by the awesome Serlakina) .  Anyone can participate!

  • If you awaken a character that's 1k when they awaken (if you you put in in the clan when he's lvl 1) + the rep you get from each lvl he lvls up
  • If you do the Come To Me quest in Aden lvl 70-73 you get 500 rep
  • If you buy a clan pet from the Mysterious Butler you get 500 after 72 hours.

Here is how it works:

  • Reply to this post with the name of the character you awaken 1-85. It has to be in academy

  • If you use the clan pet reply with a screen shot of the clan rep before the pet expires and the pic of the clan rep after the pet expires

  • If you lvl up your regular character reply with the screen shot with the amount of rep you gave the clan for that lvl up (yes those count too)

  • At the end of the post add the total amount of rep you gave.

The Winner takes the Adena and the necklace. Have Fun!

Este evento tendrá lugar del 10 de julio al 31 de julio.
El Jugador que da más reputacion al clan obtendrá 100 mil adena y un collar de freya (donado por la impresionante Serlakina). Cualquiera puede participar!

  • Si despiertas a un personaje el clan obtiene 1k cuando despiertan (si pones en el clan cuando es lvl 1) + la reputación que obtienes de cada nivel él nivela arriba
  • Si haces la búsqueda de Come To Me en Aden lvl 70-73 obtienes 500 reputación
  • Si compras una mascota del clan del Mysterious Butler obtienes 500 después de 72 horas.

Así es como funciona:

  • Responde a este post con el nombre del personaje que despertas 1-85. Tiene que estar en la academia
    c das la reputación del clan con la mascota del clan, responde con una captura de pantalla de la reputación del clan antes de que expire la mascota y la imagen de la reputación del clan después de que expire la mascota

  • Si subes de nivel a tu personaje normal, responde con la captura de pantalla con la cantidad de reputación que le diste al clan para esa lvl (sí, esos también cuentan)

  • At the end of the post add the total amount of rep you gave.

El Ganador toma la Adena y el collar. ¡Que te diviertas!

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July 10th - July 31st 674953ulnnugdq1c
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PostSubject: Re: July 10th - July 31st   July 10th - July 31st Icon_minitimeSun Jul 09, 2017 10:27 pm

The freya necklace  is +4 Wink !! OOOoo yeah guys easy adena and good item Wink 


July 10th - July 31st Fffffs10
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July 10th - July 31st
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